DRAFTSIGHT – How to Standardise Drafting Styles in Legacy Drawings
dateMarch 27, 2020

You may face this issue while dealing with legacy DWG files: they were created with different drafting styles, now you need to apply a standard drafting styles to all the DWG files. Isn’t it troublesome to modify the drafting styles one by one in each of the drawings?

To speed up the process of modifying the drafting styles, we can actually create a default template with all the desired drafting styles.

Step 1: Create a New DWG, add the Sheet Format

henry 0101.png


Step 2: Select Drafting Styles

henry 0102.png


Step 3: Save DWG as DWT template



Step 4: Create a New DWG using Template Created



Step 5: Copy Drawing Views in Legacy DWG




Step 6: Paste Drawing Views in New DWG