FAQ Subscription
FAQ Subscription


What is SOLIDWORKS Subscription Services?

SOLIDWORKS Subscription Services give your organization access to valuable software releases, service packs, value added resources, and a variety of technical resources supplied by SEACAD. Subscription Services enable you to participate more actively as a member of the global community of SOLIDWORKS users.

Why should I purchase Subscription Services?

Enrolling in Subscription Services helps you get the most out of your SOLIDWORKS software because access to the latest product releases and expert technical support saves you time and money. Improved software performance, innovative new product features and technical support help keep you focused on what matters most – designing great products.

How do I receive new releases and service packs?

Software releases are mailed directly to you or you may contact us and we’ll provide a link where you can download these assets.

Will I be able to reach SEACAD support outside business hours?

 You may send your technical issues to support@seacadtech.com and we’ll get back to you soonest possible within the business day or the next.