How To Deactivate Using Activation Wizard

dateOctober 23, 2023

Installing SOLIDWORKS on a new computer is an exciting moment. However, it can become troublesome if you forgot to deactivate it on the old system before uninstalling. The thought of reinstalling SOLIDWORKS on the old computer just for deactivation can be time-consuming and inconvenient. SOLIDWORKS offers a solution—the Activation Wizard. This tool lets you deactivate licenses on a computer without a SOLIDWORKS installation, and it's incredibly user-friendly.


  1. You can download the Activation Wizard from SOLIDWORKS ( "You'll need to choose the version for installation. This should match the SOLIDWORKS version that was uninstalled from your old computer. Then, click “SW Activation Wizard” to start download. If you are uncertain about the version, you are welcome to send us your license via email, we will check for you.


  2. Run the file as administrator, unzip it.

      3. Select the language, and click “OK”.

   4. Click “Next” then “Install” to initiate the installation. Upon completion, click “Finish” to close.


    5. Go to the Start, search and run “SOLIDWORKS Activation Wizard” under SOLIDWORKS 20XX.


6. Select “Move your product license(s) to a new/upgraded computer, and click “Next”.


  7. Click on “Select All”, then choose “Automatically over the internet”. Enter the email address and click “Next” to initiate the deactivation process.


  8.  Upon successful completion, a window should appear stating the Deactivation Succeeded. Now you're all set to activate it on your new computer.

   Please contact if you need further assistance.