How To Install and Connect SOLIDWORKS to 3DEXPERIENCE Cloud

dateJanuary 23, 2024

With the acquisition of a new SOLIDWORKS license, an exciting bonus awaits in the form of a brand-new add-on – introducing the 3D Experience Platform. Elevate your design experience and explore the limitless possibilities that come bundled with your subscription.


The 3DExperience add-on brings some great benefits:

  1. Team Collaboration: It makes working together on designs a breeze by providing a central hub for everyone involved.
  2. Smooth Project Management: With streamlined workflows and real-time communication, project management becomes more efficient, promoting better coordination and productivity.
  3. Enhanced Design Options: The platform's rich toolset adds extra features, allowing users to create more sophisticated and comprehensive designs.


Steps To Install The 3DEXPERIENCE Add-On

  1. Go to the 3D experience platform through the link provided in the email.

     2. Navigate to the 3D experience compass, under the ‘ME’ Tabs, click the ‘Collaborative Designer for SOLIDWORKS’.



       3.  Click the ‘Design with SOLIDWORKS, and ‘Install All Roles Containing Design with SOLIDWORKS’.



     4. A window as shown below will pops out, click ‘Next’ to proceed with the installation. You have the option to change the installation and language.



     5. After the installation done, click ‘Close’ to exit the window.


  6. Once you launch the SOLIDWORKS, you'll see there's an extra add-in in SOLIDWORKS. Now, you get to choose where you want to save your file – whether it's on your local                PC or on the 3Dexperience platform.

For additional details regarding the 3Dexperience platform, you are welcome to participate in our training, ABS: 3DExperience Platform User Onboarding session.