How To Repair Non Matching Internal Error

dateJanuary 23, 2024

You might have obtained an alternative part file for incorporation into your assembly, or perhaps the original file was misplaced and had to be reconstructed. If the new file is saved under the identical name as the original, be prepared for SOLIDWORKS Non-Matching Internal ID Errors the next time you access your assembly.


In SOLIDWORKS, the internal ID code is a unique identifier assigned to each component, feature, sketch, or entity within a model or assembly. It is a system-generated numerical reference that distinguishes one element from another within the software.


The internal ID code is primarily used by SOLIDWORKS for its internal processes and database management. It allows the software to keep track of different elements in a design, enabling efficient referencing, linking, and updating of components. This ID code is not meant to be manipulated or modified directly by users; rather, it serves as a behind-the-scenes mechanism for SOLIDWORKS to manage the relationships and dependencies within a model or assembly.



To address the issue, we must replace the existing components with the correct ones.

  1. Right-click to display the menu, then choose 'Replace Components.



        2. Locate the correct file, enable 'Re-attach mates,' and then click 'OK' to complete the replacement.



3. The red box indicates the total number of mate entities that require reattachment. The face highlighted in blue represents the mate entities of the replaced component, and it              needs to be reattached to the face indicated in purple. Click on the purple face to initiate the reattachment process.


            4.  Once you have successfully reattached the mate, click 'OK,' and the file should no longer display any errors.



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