How To Troubleshoot "swbrowser.sldedb" missing

dateFebruary 5, 2024

How to deal with SOLIDWORKS database ‘swbrowser.sldedb’ is missing?


This error may arise due to two potential causes. Firstly, SolidWorks may be linked to an incorrect location. Secondly, there could be corruption in the Toolbox data.

The following are the troubleshooting instructions for addressing the first cause.

  1. Navigate to 'Options', then under 'System Options', proceed to 'Hole Wizard/Toolbox'. Subsequently, click 'OK' to close the error window.
  2. You may notice that the box is either blank or connected to an incorrect location. To link it to the correct folder, click the '...' button.


      3. Select the SOLIDWORKS Data 20XX  folder. By default, the folder will be located in C drive. Next, click "Select Folder".


    4. The folder location has now been updated, resolving the issue. Please proceed to click 'OK' to close the window.


However, if the SOLIDWORKS Data folder is corrupted, you will require assistance from our technical support team,