How to use SOLIDWORKS Rx to diagnose your system and capture problems

dateApril 6, 2021

What is SOLIDWORKS RX and why should I use it?

SOLIDWORKS Rx is a troubleshooting tool that comes installed with SOLIDWORKS. It can be used to do some simple diagnosis and analyse if one’s system satisfies the minimum requirements to run SOLIDWORKS. There is also another section that allows you to help capture valuable log files that can help technical support personnel further troubleshoot the problems.

Running Diagnostics

  1. Please check there is no SOLIDWORKS session running
  2. Open SOLIDWORKS Rx from Start > All Programs > SOLIDWORKS > SOLIDWORKS Tools, and click to open SOLIDWORKS Rx
  3. Click on the Diagnostics tab to run a system diagnostics. You can check the status of your current workstation under the status description. It will inform you on what is the current situation and may suggest some actions that will help to improve your SOLIDWORKS performance.

SOLIDWORKS Rx Diagnostics

How to use problem capture

SOLIDWORKS Rx allows you to make a video recording of the issue at hand by following the below steps. Such recording is highly recommended if the issue you are experiencing is repeatable as the technical support team will then be able to try and reproduce the issue by following the recording.


STEP 1: Capture Problem

  1. Click on the Problem Capture tab as shown in the figure below. (Please wait for the green bar that pops up to finish loading so that the proper log files can be captured)
  2. On the problem capture page select SOLIDWORKS as Source and click Record Video.

    Capture problem

  3. 3. SOLIDWORKS will then launch and you can click the Record button when ready.

    Try and reproduce the problem you are facing.

  4. Once you have reproduced the issue in SOLIDWORKS click Finish.


Step 2: Package Files

  1. The recording and log files will be added automatically to a ZIP file, click Package Files.

    You can also add associated SOLIDWORKS files using the Add files.

  2. Package Complete and click Continue to Step 3.

    Package Complete


STEP 3: Describe

  1. Click Describe to add a description to your problem.
  2. Enter summary, description, select impact level for your problem as well as the reason for business impact.

    Describe Problem

  3. Click OK
  4. Exit SOLIDWORKS Rx and send the captured file to the technical support team.


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