Reports in SOLIDWORKS Electrical

dateOctober 21, 2020

What are Reports?

Reports are lists that show information applied in the project. They are many different types of reports. The Report Manager controls which reports are used in the project.

The reports are SQL queries that display filed data from joined database tables in the form of columns.

Step 1 Add a report to project

Open an electrical project and click “Project” tab in command manager. Click “Reports“.

Click “Add” to add a report to project.

Tick a box to select a report, untick a box to deselect a report.

Step 2 Access Report Properties 

Highlight a report in the list and click “Properties” to access report properties.

In the general tab, you are able to change the description for a report. In the Styles tab, you are able to change the format of the report table.

Step 3Column Management

The columns available for inclusion in a report are defined in the report query. Columns are related to database field.

It is possible to add or remove available columns by modifying the query, it is also possible to define the column title to assist with selecting the column data.

In the Columns tab, click “Column Management”. Select or deselect to add or remove existing columns from report.

Step 4Add and Delete Columns

Click “Add” to create a new columns in report manager by giving a description, choosing a formula as well as defining the column width.

Click “Delete” to delete a column in report manager.