SOLIDWORKS Automatic Activation & Deactivation Guide

dateDecember 18, 2023

Important: Before reformatting the windows OS or changing hard disk, graphics card or adding RAM, make sure to transfer/deactivate the license and then after reformatting or changing the license reactivate the license.

Automatic Activation & Deactivation:

If your company allows access to the internet, then the SolidWorks license can be Activated/Deactivated automatically.


Automatic Activation

  1. Launch SOLIDWORKS, select I want to activate my SOLIDWORKS product now, and click Next.


  2. Click Select All, select the Automatically over the internet (recommended) option, and input your email.



   3. Once it is activated check the Product Activation window ensure all products are activated, then click Finish.


Automatic Deactivation

  1. Open the SOLIDWORKS Help Menu located at the top right of the screen, click licenses and select Deactivate


      2. Select Automatically over the internet (recommended), input your email, click Select All, and click Next.


3. Click Finish and SOLIDWORKS will be deactivated


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