dateJanuary 30, 2024

For SOLIDWORKS CAM 2024, there are some new function added, let’s start to know more about What’s New 2024.


End Conditions for Islands in the 2.5 Axis Feature Wizard

In SOLIDWORKS CAM 2024, users can now add material on top of Islands that are of different height than the 2.5 Axis Feature Depth. When creating a Machinable Feature, the new ‘Direction2’ for Island Depth can be set to Upto Stock, left flat topped, or specify added material. This is a great time saver as no extra Machinable Feature is needed to create the same target geometry.


Shank Types for Mill Tools

In SOLIDWORKS CAM 2024, users can now define shank types (Straight, Tapered, or Neck) for any Mill Tool.


Leadin/Leadout Parameter for Linked Contour Mill Operations

For linked operations, the tool, feed/speed and cutting parameters are linked. Any changes are applied automatically to all linked operations.

With SOLIDWORKS CAM 2024, for linked contour mill operations, select the option: Apply Leadin/out to All, apply the same leadin and leadout parameters for all linked operation.


Heidenhain Probe Type

SOLIDWORKS CAM Professional 2020 introduces Probing Operations by using Renishaw.

In SOLIDWORKS CAM Professional 2024, support probing operations on machine tools that use Heidenhain.


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