Using Partial Fillet / Chamfer

dateJune 27, 2020

Sometimes there are some cases that we need to add fillet/chamfer to the edge, but not the whole length. So what we need to do? It will be a headache to find the way to do that or you may need to do split bodies. Well now that is not a problem anymore.

In SOLIDWORKS 2019, a new option inside fillet and chamfer are partial fillet/chamfer. This features allow you to create fillet with specific length, so you have better control over your design.


When creating a fillet scroll down to the bottom, you will see Partial Edge Parameters option there. Check the box and you can set the Start condition and End condition. If more than 1 edges selected, you can change the length individually by selecting/highlight the edge that you want to make partial in the Items To Fillet box.

You can select distance offset, percentage offset or reference offset.


For chamfer you need to select the Offset Face for the Chamfer Type to use the Partial Edge Parameters.

The rest options are the same with the fillet.