Why Do We See Additional Column for Reactivation Date for SolidWorks 2022?

dateJanuary 19, 2023

From SolidWorks 2022 version onwards, you will see the new column for Reactivation date after activating the License or when show Licenses from the Help Menu.

The reactivation is needed for both Standalone and NetWork Licenses. Starting with SOLIDWORKS 2022, you must reactivate your license each year.

For network licenses, even if client installations are from an earlier release, servers running SolidNetWork License Manager 2022 and beyond will require reactivation once a year.


The below message appears 30 days before the required reactivation date from SolidWorks.

The License will expire in XX days.

For Standalone license users, follow these steps to verify the reactivation date for your products:

  1. Start SOLIDWORKS.
  2. Click the question symbol on the upper-right corner in SOLIDWORKS.
  3. To access the SOLIDWORKS Product Activation page. Select Licenses, then select Show.
  4. Verify the date in the Reactivation Date column for your products.


For Solid Network License users, contact your CAD administrator to verify the reactivation date as follows:

  1. Run the SOLIDWORKS SolidNetWork License Manager tool.
  2. Click Reactivate in the Server Administration tab.
  3. Verify the date in the Reactivation Date column for your products.


A perpetual license never expires but needs to be reactivated every year within 30 days of the anniversary of the previous activation date.


If you need assistance feel free to contact our support at support@seacadtech.com or (65) 6372 1416