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SOLIDWORKS Visualize Professional

Generate photo-quality images, interactive animations, and 360 degree spins to effectively communicate the most complex design details.

Would making design decisions in real time help you reduce design cycle time and deliver better products? Would the ability to share a 3D file in a web browser with stakeholders help improve communication during the design phase?

Blow away the competition and take your project to the next level with the many advanced features found in SOLIDWORKS® Visualize Professional. Utilize camera animations and one-click 360 degree spins to show off design and engineering solutions, helping to describe complex features and ultimately sell more product and ideas. Rapidly create and compare multiple design directions, to make better business decisions and get your products to market faster while capturing maximum market share.

Rendering in Viewport

  • Artificial Intelligence (AI) Denoiser to instant 10x faster rendering
  • Hardware agnostic, unbiased, interactive pathtracing using NVIDIA Iray (Accurate Mode)
  • Hardware agnostic, biased, interactive raytracing using NVIDIA Iray (Fast Mode)
  • Hardware agnostic, high quality, interactive rasterizer (Preview Mode)
  • Hardware agnostic, unbiased, interactive realtime raytracing (PowerBoost Mode)
  • Rasterized baked lighting



  • Unlimited resolution offline rendering
  • JPG, BMP, PNG, TIFF, HDR and PSD output
  • Customizable Render Profiles
  • Render all Configurations & Cameras
  • Browser based Interactive Image & Panoramic Output
  • Spherical VR (Virtual Reality) Output for images and animations (for HMDs and smart phones)
  • Optional Stereo rendering (left eye / right eye)



  • Import of SOLIDWORKS Animations and Motion studies
  • Animation of models, parts, assemblies, groups, lights, appearances, cameras and more
  • Proprietary 3D Animation Ribbon editor
  • Realtime Turntable
  • Sun Study Animations


Camera Optics

  • Mapping SOLIDWORKS Camera Navigation
  • Interactive Depth of Field
  • Walk-around camera mode
  • Customizable Photographic Camera Filters
  • Motion Blur



  • Hybrid Based CPU and GPU rendering
  • Custom Keyboard shortcuts / hotkeys
  • Automatic Data recovery
  • Queue rendering manager
  • Multiple Viewports
  • Configurations
  • Visualize Boost Network rendering (1 seat included for free with Visualize Professional)


Scene Preparation

  • CAD Live-Update
  • Auto-Paint
  • Surface/Part Splitter
  • Decals (digital stickers) and full mapping/positioning support
  • Support for advanced Appearance Types (NVIDIA MDL & PBR)
  • Formation Tool
  • Multiple Model Sets
  • Integrated Physics Engine and Vehicle Driving Simulator
  • Simple vehicle wheel building to turn front wheels
  • Photometric Lights (Spot, Point, Directional)
  • Area Lights and click-to-position interactivity
  • Video Decals


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