CAMWorks - Integrated CAD & CAM Software to Reduce Time & Costs

dateFebruary 20, 2023

Fully integrated CAM Software for SOLIDWORKS®

Program Smarter

Reduce programming time by up to 90% with fully integrated CAD/CAM, feature-based programming and automatic feature recognition.



Machine Faster

Decrease cycle time by as much as 85% and increase tool life up to 500%, even in the hardest materials, with revolutionary high speed machining options.



 Improve Quality and Consistency

Achieve consistent, high-quality output by capturing your shop's best programming and machining practices with knowledge-based machining and CAMWorks TechDB™





  1. Faster Programming Time
  • Fully integrated with industry leading CAD platforms - SOLIDWORKS®

           - CAD and CAM data are stored together in one file

           - File translation issues are eliminated

- Manufacturing data is automatically updated when design changes are made

  • Feature-based programming uses intelligence built into the software to identify operations, tools, and feed/speed rates
  • Automatic Feature Recognition automatically identifies all the programmable features in a part


     2. Consistent, High-Quality Manufacturing

  • Knowledge-Based Machining significantly reduces programming time
  • Tolerance-Based Machining helps achieve superior tolerance and surface finish requirements by reading MBD and PMI data and selecting the machining strategies to meet the specified tolerances
  • CAMWorks patented Technology Database (TechDB™) captures and reuses your shop's best programming and machining practices for consistent results

- Provides a company-owned database to store employee knowledge and preferences



    3. Complete Post Processor Support

  • Post processors for over 2000 machine tool and controller combinations
  • Includes a Universal Post Generator (UPG) that enables users to modify existing posts or develop new posts



CAMWorks Products


CAMWorks Standard

CAMWorks Standard is the ultimate CAD/CAM programming base product.

  • Wide range of 2.5 axis and 3+2 milling, including rotary milling
  • Turning capabilities, including sub-spindle support
  • High-speed machining using 2.5 axis VoluMill
  • Probing capabilities


CAMWorks Milling Standard

CAMWorks Milling Standard expands the functionality of CAMWorks Standard with additional milling functionality.

  • 3 axis rough milling with rest machining
  • 3 axis finishing cycles including Z-level (waterline), flat area, pattern project, constant step-over
  • Additional 3 axis operations including pencil milling, 3 axis rest machining, and curve project for engraving on 3D surfaces


CAMWorks Turning Standard

CAMWorks Turning Standard expands the functionality of CAMWorks Standard with additional functionality for lathes and multi-tasking machines.

  • Mill-turn with C, Y & B axis capabilities
  • Dual turret with pinch turning
  • 2 & 4 axis turning with up to 11 axis mill-turn capabilities


CAMWorks Milling Professional

CAMWorks Milling Professional includes all the functionality in CAMWorks Milling Standard and additional advanced milling capabilities.

  • Multi-axis operations including undercutting, fillet machining and NURB surface machining
  • Mill-turn with C, Y & B axis capabilities


CAMWorks Turning Professional

CAMWorks Turning Professional includes all the functionality in CAMWorks Turning Standard and provides advanced turning and mill-turn capabilities.

  • CAMWorks Sync Manager for synchronous machining on mill-turn machines
  • CAMWorks Virtual Machine Standard for full machine simulation with collision detection


CAMWorks Premium

CAMWorks Premium is the ultimate integrated CAD/CAM programming solution. It includes all the functionality in CAMWorks Milling Professional and CAMWorks Turning Professional, plus more.

  • Complex 4 axis milling
  • Full simultaneous 5 axis milling


CAMWorks Add-on Products

CAMWorks VoluMill

CAMWorks VoluMill is an ultra high-performance toolpath engine within CAMWorks for 2.5 axis and 3 axis milling roughing operations.

  • Significantly reduces cycle times and increases cutting tool life
  • CAMWorks 2.5 axis VoluMill is included with all CAMWorks products, and 3 axis VoluMill is available as an add-on




CAMWorks supports Sandvik Coromant's PrimeTurning™ which offers the flexibility for turning operations in all directions.

  • Reduces cycle time for turning by 50% or more
  • Increases insert tool-life by 500% or more
  • Full toolpath support for turning in all directions


CAMWorks Virtual Machine

CAMWorks Virtual Machine virtually proves out CNC programs with true G-code machine simulation to avoid collisions and broken tools.

  • Reduce setup time by 50% or more
  • True G-code machine simulation, eliminates dry-runs
  • Avoid collisions and extend machine life



CAMWorks Wire EDM

CAMWorks Wire EDM includes cutting-edge functionality that takes the design model to G-code in one click.

  • Searches and identifies the part for machine-able features automatically
  • Generates all the operations with the user's preferences and settings
  • Creates the toolpaths and posts the G-code



NESTINGWorks is a fully associative SOLIDWORKS® add-in that optimizes material usage for sheet metal fabrication, woodworking and more.

  • Maximize material usage
  • Optimize your designs
  • Save on production cost


CAMWorks ShopFloor

Promotes digital manufacturing by providing 3D models with MBD & PMI data and CNC programming information to the shop floor in a single, compact digital format.

  • Meet Smart Manufacturing and Industry 4.0 initiatives
  • Improve communication on the shop floor with digital technology
  • Increase production, decrease turnaround time and reduce waste


SOLIDWORKS CAM and CAMWorks Functionality Matrix

* 2.5 Axis Milling Plus includes 2.5 Axis Milling plus Area Clear Roughing, Flat Area and Z-    Level Finishing

* 3 Axis Milling L1 adds a Z-Level Finishing combined cycle for steep/shallow machining

* 3 Axis Milling L2 adds Pattern Project, Constant Step, Pencil Milling, 3 Axis Rest                 Machining, Curve Project, and Legacy Rough & Finish Mill

* 3 Axis Milling L3 adds Multi-Axis Operations including Undercutting, Fillet Machining,     and NURB Surface Machining


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