SOLIDWORKS Modify License

dateDecember 19, 2023

Note: If you are going to change/swap the serial number, make sure to Transfer/Deactivate the license first. If you do not know how to deactivate your license follow this guide

Blog : "SOLIDWORKS Automatic Activation & Deactivation Guide"

             "SOLIDWORKS Manual Activation & Deactivation Guide"


Steps for Modifying the Installation:


  1. First check the existing SOLIDWORKS Version and Service Pack


      2. Locate the respective installation file and run the setup.exe as administrator

     3. If you no longer have the installation file you can access it through the Control Panel, go to Uninstall a program and right click the SOLIDWORKS product you want to               modify and click Change


     4. If you get a message on system rebooting, please click OK and continue the installation


           5. Select Modify your installation then click Next


       6. In the serial number page, Serial number can be changed or new serial numbers can be added to the install different products/add-ons. Click Next


     7. Installation manager will connect to SolidWorks to check the license status and maintenance end date. Please make sure SolidWorks application is closed


         8. In the Product selection page, select the product/add-ons to install and click Next


            9. In the summary page, you can select what products you would like to Add and Remove by clicking Change, once you have selected what to Add and Remove, click                         Modify Now.


             10. Installation will be completed. Click Finish and restart the computer


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